Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I’m Tutuwa, a digital strategy, podcasting, project management, and ad operations professional in the media and advertising industry. I build products and processes, and I’m interested in ideas, philosophy, leadership, strategy, lifelong learning, self-improvement, and mindful productivity. Basically, I’m a curious person who is good at looking for dots to connect.

I’m originally from Accra, Ghana, spent two years studying in Norway, and attended Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania. I work in ad operations and digital advertising in New York City, and I currently live in Connecticut with my husband.


I’m a podcast ad operations expert and project manager with a passion for building innovative and mindful ad products, and optimizing workflow and processes. I’m also a Salesforce administrator with over ten years of practical experience. I help publishers to realize the full potential of their digital assets and to bridge new revenue and monetization opportunities via the implementation of systems, platforms, technologies, and processes. 

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I’m an enthusiastic reader. I’m passionate about writing, pop culture, and podcasting. I also enjoy swimming, hiking, trying out new restaurants, travelling, and engaging in continued learning, personal growth and development.

I consider myself a lifelong learner and all-around curious person (I’m a big fan of asking “why” or “how come?”). And I really enjoy sharing the things I’ve learned and discovered along the way.  I send out a free bimonthly email with highlights from good books, podcasts, stories about interesting people or ideas that are particularly resonant or thought provoking. Sign up if you’re interested.